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Garden Stories

The Season of Spice

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
by Benjamin Futa | Executive Director

Anyone who tends a garden is an artist – choreographers of the “slowest of the performing arts” – gardening. So much joy, excitement, and hope is found in the emerald green foliage of emerging spring bulbs. Even before the flowers emerge, they’re a harbinger: the warm-up act of a carefully curated horticultural performance that will span the next 12 months until the cycle begins again. In this spirit, we are renewed and energized for another season in the Allen Centennial Garden.

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What's Looking Good

ACG ImageSempervivum pumilum
Hens and Chicks
ACG ImageSempervivum pumilum
Hens and Chicks
ACG ImageSambucus nigra
Golden Elder
ACG ImageEunomia oppositifolia
Stone Cress
ACG ImageEleutherococcus sieboldianus
Variegated Five-Leaf Aralia
ACG ImageIris
Batik Standard Bearded Iris
ACG ImageNepeta
Walker's Low Catnip
ACG ImageDraba brunifolia
Whitlow Grass
ACG ImagePhlox subulata
Moss Phlox
ACG ImagePrimula auricula
Alpine Primrose

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