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The Season of Spice

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
by Benjamin Futa | Executive Director

Anyone who tends a garden is an artist – choreographers of the “slowest of the performing arts” – gardening. So much joy, excitement, and hope is found in the emerald green foliage of emerging spring bulbs. Even before the flowers emerge, they’re a harbinger: the warm-up act of a carefully curated horticultural performance that will span the next 12 months until the cycle begins again. In this spirit, we are renewed and energized for another season in the Allen Centennial Garden.

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Saving the Monarchs

Wednesday, February 01, 2017
by Kaitlin McIntosh | Student Director of Communications and Events

David Thompson is dedicated to the preservation of Monarch Butterflies. Monarchs can be found all across The United States, but normally travel to Mexico or coastal California for the winter months. According to Xerces Society, a non-profit that focuses on invertebrate conservation, since the 1990s, overwintered Monarch populations have decreased from anywhere between 74 and 80 percent.

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Study Abroad Bucket List - Garden Edition

Thursday, January 26, 2017
by Nikki Novoselsky

I have worked at the Allen Centennial Garden for a semester and now I am going on another journey to Seville, Spain to study for the upcoming semester! Since working at the Garden I am more aware of the beauty that surrounds me and have loved getting to know the Garden throughout the seasons and discovering its charm with every visit. With this newfound appreciation for nature, I want to continue exploring the splendor of different gardens. As I travel to Spain I figured this would be the perfect time to tour the unique gardens Europe has to offer. I’ve compiled a bucket list of some of the best gardens across Europe that I hope to travel to while I’m studying abroad – here’s a few of the highlights!


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