Ornamental Oregano

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Plant Information

Taxonomic Name: Origanum laevigatum cv. Herrenhausen
Common Name: Ornamental Oregano
Type: Herbaceous Perennial
Zone: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Height: 12-24 inches
Light Requirements: Full sun
Flower Color: Pink, Purple
Wildlife: Butterflies; Bees
Special Characteristics: Ornamental oregano, Not edible, slightly aromatic; Colorful foliage well into the fall with purple bracts along with dark stems and purple leaves; Named after the 17th century Baroque garden near Hanover Germany; Attractive to bees due to their sugar-rich nectar, a record 76 per cent sugar; Cut back regularly in early spring; Divide in early spring every few years; Deer tolerant; Rabbit tolerant; Drought tolerant