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Millennia in the Making

Monday, May 21, 2018
by Benjamin Futa | Executive Director

As a public garden, we’re always challenging ourselves to create and present inspiring, compelling and beautiful horticultural displays. In tandem with this, we also want to tell a story because ultimately, as a living museum, our plants and garden spaces are conduits to discover deeper meaning and uncover an often hidden history behind plants and why we grow them. While gardens are constantly changing, the origins of how we garden and the design ideals we use, are taken for granted today, but have deep roots in our history. This is the story of how a garden in Italy inspired a garden in California, that in turn inspired our garden here in Madison.

We begin our story in 79 AD with the eruption of the volcano, Vesuvius. While Pompeii gets most of the attention, it also buried the town of Herculaneum, and with it, the Villa dei Papiri.

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Tags: Garden Display and Design, Exhibits

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