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Celebrating 30 Years

Tuesday, January 15, 2019
by Ben Futa | Executive Director

The Garden celebrates a major milestone in 2019: its 30th Anniversary. A moment like this doesn’t happen by accident, nor does it happen often. Three decades of exceptional horticulture, outreach, and education is a tremendous achievement, one made possible by countless individuals who have shared their time, talent and treasure with us. From Ethel Allen (the “Allen” of Allen Centennial Garden) and her generous donation that kick-started the Garden’s construction and sustains us to this day, to our exceptional volunteers, UW students, faculty and staff, our Friends of Allen Centennial Garden members, our donors, our visitors from Madison and beyond and our colleagues in the horticulture industry –– thank you all for allowing us to celebrate this moment.

 Ethel Allen (center) at the dedication ceremony in 1989


We wouldn’t be here without you. It truly takes a village. Thank you, for being ours.  

This year belongs to you, our community. It’s a celebration of our shared success and a declaration for our future. We’ll reflect on where we came from while inviting you to help us shape what’s yet to come. Today marks the beginning of that journey. I hope you’ll continue to be a part of this moment over the next twelve months, and here are just a few of the ways you can join us in our celebration this year.


Celebrate with us on Friday, June 28, 5–8pm

Join fellow Garden friends as we celebrate this milestone year. A beautiful evening awaits, complete with live entertainment, food and refreshments, activities and special recognitions. This event is free and open to all.


Share Your Garden Story with Us

by Allen Centennial Garden 2016

We’re documenting the stories, personalities and people that have made the Garden what it is today with an oral history project. Do you have a story to share with us? Contact us here with the details.


Become a Sustaining member

The Garden is the product of our community, as everything we’ve achieved in the last 30 years has been made possible through generous gifts of time, talent and treasure of countless individuals. One of the easiest ways to help sustain the Garden into the future is to become a sustaining member of the Friends of Allen Centennial Garden. You can join for as little as $5/month.


Exploring Resiliency #ResilientLandscapes

This year we explore resiliency in the landscape, discovering the robust and adaptable ideas and individuals that are navigating an uncertain horticultural frontier. We’ll unpack the “how” and “why” of resilient landscapes, discovering how our garden – and all gardens – can and will shape a new future. Stay tuned throughout the year for more.

by Allen Centennial Garden 



Join the celebration on social media when you use the hashtag #30andThriving and #AllenCentennialGarden.


Hope to see you soon,

Ben Futa

Allen Centennial Garden, Executive Director


The Allen Centennial Garden and its programs are funded entirely through private support - it receives no state or tuition dollars. To help support the Garden and continue to make our projects and programs possible, please consider a donation.  

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