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Growing Groceries

Monday, April 20, 2020
by Special Guest: Tom Bryan

It may seem like everything has changed in the past month. But, it’s still spring and that’s the second-best time to start growing food.

When is best to start growing food? Ten years ago! Imagine: an array of mature fruit and nut trees line your property. Your property line is a row of your and your neighbor’s favorite fruiting shrubs, a years-worth of garlic is 6-inches tall already, your annual vegetable beds are raised and fertile awaiting seeds and transplants. Your basement is full of preserves and root crops. If this describes you, then give me your address because I’m moving in.

For the rest of us, let’s start growing food, growing more food, and supporting farmers during this interesting time.

First, we’ve prepared a handy decision tree for you to get growing fast in your context.

We’ll soon be posting more content about what we’re growing in the Kitchen Garden at Allen Centennial Garden. Stay tuned.

What questions do you have about getting started growing food for yourself and your loved ones? Drop us a message on Facebook or via email, info@allencentennialgarden.org.


Tom Bryan is an Academic Catalyst for Allen Centennial Garden and the Program Coordinator for GreenHouse Learning Community in Leopold Hall. His favorite vegetables to grow are TOMatoes, broccoli, and garlic.


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