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Beyond the Garden Gates: Plant Database Development

Thursday, March 31, 2016
by Tayler Stenglein | Plants Record Intern

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Working with the Allen Centennial Garden isn’t just about planting and getting your hands dirty; there are a lot of exciting projects being worked on behind the scenes. For the past several months, I’ve been working on a new online plant database. Very soon, the world will have access to information about every plant in our collection!

We have been working alongside web designers to create an interactive online database, which will list all flowers, trees and shrubs found in the Garden. With the completion of this project, garden visitors will be able to access information through the Garden’s website on their computer, smartphone or tablet. Visitors will be able to select any garden space, bringing up a list of all plants in that garden.

Each entry will include a picture of the plant throughout the seasons. Each plant’s location in a garden also will be included, along with bloom time and flower color. Optimal growing conditions of a plant and its potential for pests and diseases, sunlight and water conditions, and plant hardiness zones also will be included.

Visitors will be able to search for individual plants, as well as quickly view flowers currently in bloom.

Not only does the database work to satisfy people’s inquires about the Garden’s plants, it has great potential for new educational applications. Horticulture students will be able to use our database to study for plant identification exams, and the home gardener can glean valuable insights into growing the best plants for southern Wisconsin.

Work on the database is continuing through the spring months, and we look forward to unveiling the public interface in mid to late June of this year.


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