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Angelica gigas

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
by Peter Hauser | Horticulture Director


Angelica Gigas

In the northeast corner of the English Garden stands the brilliant and intriguing Angelica gigas, a short-lived perennial native to Asia. With beautiful dark purple-red obovate flowers, Angelica grows four to five feet high and has firm roots and a ridged stem.

Wasps and Honeybees are highly attracted to Angelica, providing a lively and busy routine for our pollinating friends in the Garden this season! Some people use Angelica as well. The roots of Angelica gigas are used in traditional Korean medicine to improve gynecological health, and can be used to improve cardiovascular and immune system health for both men and women.

Many members of this genus are three-year biennials, meaning if you cut the blooms before the seed sets, flowering may continue for up to three or four years. Angelica thrives in areas of full sun or part shade, in moist and well-drained soil.

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