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Study Abroad Bucket List - Garden Edition

Thursday, January 26, 2017
by Nikki Novoselsky

I have worked at the Allen Centennial Garden for a semester and now I am going on another journey to Seville, Spain to study for the upcoming semester! Since working at the Garden I am more aware of the beauty that surrounds me and have loved getting to know the Garden throughout the seasons and discovering its charm with every visit. With this newfound appreciation for nature, I want to continue exploring the splendor of different gardens. As I travel to Spain I figured this would be the perfect time to tour the unique gardens Europe has to offer. I’ve compiled a bucket list of some of the best gardens across Europe that I hope to travel to while I’m studying abroad – here’s a few of the highlights!


  1. Generalife – Granada, Spain

The Low Gardens, comprised of arched roses and cypress trees, was expanded in 1951 to add a Muslim-style garden that connects a beautiful view of Alhambra Palace and the city of Granada. There is also an outdoor amphitheater, which houses the International Festival of Music and Dance every year. 

Why is it a must-see? For its incredible landscaping and picturesque views, combined with seeing the historic Alhambra Palace.


  1. Park and Palace of Monserrate –Sintra, Portugal

Plant species from all around the world settle in this garden, which creates a diverse scenic path while strolling past ruins, lakes, waterfalls and hidden areas. A few gems to look out for include strawberry trees, holly bushes and cork-trees contrasted by palm-trees, yuccas and Australian tree ferns.

Why is it a must-see? To get a wildly cultural and worldly experience while exploring the hidden nooks and crannies on its winding pathways.


  1. Chateau Villandry Gardens –Loire Valley, France

Get lost in Villandry’s maze, enjoy the calmness of the Water Garden or saunter through the geometric plant beds in the Kitchen Garden. Either way, Villandry Gardens convey Renaissance influences with its elegant architecture.

Why is it a must-see? It’s a historical and traditional garden with an opportunity to explore the interior of the chateau de Villandry.

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