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2018 Winter Classes Lineup

Thursday, November 16, 2017
by Allen Centennial Garden


This year’s winter classes tell unique and interesting stories about Allen Centennial Garden, the Madison area and horticulture in general. All classes will be held in the Horticulture Building at the UW-Madison. Address and additional information below.

All classes are from 9am-11am

$10 public | Free for members

Horticulture Department, room 108

1575 Linden Drive

Madison, WI 53706


Plants in Pop Culture and Titan Arum: The Tale of Big Bucky

Saturday, January 13, 2018

"Plants in Pop Culture" 

Plants enrich the stories we love: the apple that poisoned Snow White, the rose plucked by Beauty's father in the Beast's castle, the life's work of John Chapman (aka Johnny Appleseed). But it's not just in folklore and fairytales that plants play key roles. If we look we will find them in modern day stories too. Blending Botany and Literature Johanna Oosterwyk will take a look at some of our culture's most popular tales and explore the ways plants are used to augment the story as plot devices, set pieces, characters, and even villains.


"Titan Arum: The Tale of Big Bucky"

Mo Fayyaz, retired Faculty Associate and Director of University of Wisconsin- Madison Botany Greenhouses and Garden, will talk about the 2001 blooming of the Titan Arum at the University of Wisconsin Botany Department Greenhouses. Amorphophallus titanum is big, stinky and rarely blooms in cultivation, but nonetheless is truly magnificent.  

Register here: https://plantscultureandbucky.eventbrite.com



Tropical Treasures: Lessons in horticulture, biodiversity, endemism and more from Around the World

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Dr. Susan Mahr is a Senior Outreach Specialist in UW Madison’s Horticulture Department and Coordinator of the Wisconsin Master Gardener Program. As part of her responsibilities, she has led numerous garden related educational tours to locations around the world, including Costa Rica, New Zealand and South Africa.

  1st hour: “Tropical Treasures: Lessons in horticulture, biodiversity, endemism, and more from Costa Rica”.  Susan will examine an ecosystem different from our own and compare ways plants (and animals) adapt to various environmental constraints.  This study helps us understand the ecology of rainforests and other tropical habitats, giving us a different perspective on growing plants in our own temperate conditions. 

  2nd hour: “Unique features of horticultural tours around the world” Susan will share observations that she has made in leading horticultural tours in many different environments around the world and invite audience members to share their experiences and lessons learned from their own travels. 

Register here: https://tropicaltreasure.eventbrite.com



Parks and Public Space in Madison and The Cultural Landscape of the UW-Madison Campus

Saturday, January 27, 2018

 “Parks and Public Space in Madison” 

Anna Andrzejewski, Professor and Chair of the Department of Art History at UW-Madison, will

Present on the changing cultural landscape of Madison, focusing on the shifting use of public and greenspaces since the time the city was platted in 1836. It will pay particular attention to public parks, Capitol Square, and other spaces of public assembly. It will also examine John Nolen’s “visionary” plan for Madison from the early twentieth century and how the city has (and has not) accommodated aspects of that plan in the last 100+ years. 

“The Cultural Landscape of the UW-Madison Campus” 

Arnold Alanen’s presentation will begin with an overview of the landforms developed by Native Americans, and then cover several periods of campus landscape history from the early 1850s to the present. Special attention will be given to the landscape associated with the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences. 

Register here: https://madisonparks.eventbrite.com



Engendered is the Flower: Medieval Gardens Past and Present

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales brims with images of spring, flowers, and gardens.  Because so few books about gardening have survived the Middle Ages, it serves as a significant source of information on the meaning and use of gardens in the fourteenth century.  Madge Hildebrandt’s one-hour illustrated lecture will expand on Chaucer’s work by examining traces of gardens in paintings, tapestries, maps, and sculptures. It includes a virtual tour of contemporary re-created medieval gardens and relevant hand-outs.

Register here: https://medievalgardens.eventbrite.com


Identifying Pretty Things with Wings

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Using photographs taken in the greater Madison area, Edgar will help the audience learn how to identify birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and moths that you might expect to encounter in or near the Allen Centennial Garden. 

 Edgar is a professor in the Department of Botany at the University of Wisconsin. He has been an avid birder since boyhood. Like many birders, over the years his attention drifted to other pretty things with wings. 

Register here: https://acgbutterflies.eventbrite.com



All About Hops

Saturday, February 2018

Ben Feifarek is the owner of Madison’s Wine and Hop Shop and an avid brewer. Ben will speak to the history and cultivation of hops and share samples of beer brewed with Allen Centennial Garden’s own hops.  

Register here: https://acghops.eventbrite.com

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