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Plant Walk: August 1, 2018

Wednesday, August 01, 2018
by Will Olson | Horticulture Student Director


It's official name being, Cynara cardunculus, it is native to the Mediterranean area. The budding artichoke flower-head is a cluster of many budding small flowers and is what is harvested for food. Once the bud flowers, it becomes barely edible and very tough.




Also called False Goats Beard, the blue in the flower is rare and often you will see ranges of deep red to light pink and white colors through out. It is native to Asian and North American woodlands. It is widely adapted to shade and water-logged conditions, often seen among pond-side plantings. 


Kentucky Coffee Tree


This is a tree in the subfamily caesalpiniodeae of the pea family fabaceae. It is native to the Midwest and upper south of North America. It can Can grow up to 70 feet tall and grows two feet a year. It procudes small, white flowers in June and is considered rare to is small natural area of growth but has begun being distributed to mant different placeds. Native Americans used the roasted the beans in a drink that was similar to coffee, thus getting its name. 


Meadow Rue


Having the official name of, Thalictrum rochebrunianum, this plant is native to japan and is rabbit and deer tolerant! They range from four to eight feet tall and have a strong stem so they rarley need staking. 


Tall Ironweed


Also known as Vernonia gigantea, it attracts butterflies, particularly the painted lady butterfly, and is named for it's touch stem that never slouches. It is native to North America and can from anywhere from six to ten feet tall.


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