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Plant Walk: August 8, 2018

Thursday, August 09, 2018
by Julia Radomski | Horticulture Intern

Elegant Feather

Latin name, Eupatorium capilliofolium, it grows three to six feet tall and blooms from September until November. This plant is sterile, so it does not produce viable seed. Its name is Greek and was named after king of Pontus, who discovered some medicinal uses for many plants classified as Eupatorium.



There are 70-75 different species of this flower and are native to southern and eastern Asia and the Americas. The PH of the soil changes the flower color. The name hydrangea is derived from the Greek words hydro, meaning water, and angeion, meaning vessel. This is referring to the plants seed pods, which look like small water jugs.


Japanese Anemone

Also called Windflowers becasue the blooms tend to sway in the breeze, it is a perennial that blooms in later summer to early fall. They are native to China, but have been cultivated for hundreds of years in Japan.




Coming from the family of asteraceae, it is related to sunflowers, asters, marigolds and daisies. It is also known as Blazing Star or Gayfeather. It blooms August through October and attracts many hummingbirds, butterflies and birds. It is native to states from Maine to Wisconsin to Mississippi. 


Ornamental Eucalyptus


From the Myrtle family, it is also known as a gum tree and apple box. It is native to Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia.  This type is eucalyptus cinerea, which goes up to 10 feet tall. 


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