Purple Moor Grass

Plant picture

Plant Information

Taxonomic Name: Molinia caerulea cv. Skyracer
Common Name: Purple Moor Grass
Type: Ornamental Grass
Zone: 5, 6, 7, 8
Bloom Time: June to October
Height: 60-84 inches
Special Characteristics:
  • Cool Season Grass - grows early in spring and continues until temps start to cool in fall
  • Skyracer is a more robust grower
  • Arching clump of wide, green leaves
  • Thin purple flower stalks have upright habit and appear in midsummer and changes color in fall to tan
  • Leaves turn golden brown in fall
  • Slender flower stalks gives the grass an airy appearance
  • Slow to mature, may take 3-5 years to reach full size
  • Trim back dead foliage in fall for tidier appearance or leave up for winter interest, then cut down in spring
Potential Pests: None
Serious Pests: None Serious
Potential Diseases: None
Serious Diseases: None Serious