Giant Pincushion Flower

Plant picture
Image of Giant Pincushion FlowerImage of Giant Pincushion Flower

Plant Information

Taxonomic Name: Cephalaria gigantea
Common Name: Giant Pincushion Flower
Type: Herbaceous perennial
Zone: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Bloom Time: June to August
Height: 48-72 inches
Light Requirements: Full sun
Soil Conditions: Requires good drainage, Average well-drained soil
Flower Color: Yellow
Wildlife: Butterflies
Special Characteristics:
  • Elegant spreading pale yellow flowers
  • Foliage stays nice and tight but will decline as summer processes
  • Will rebloom in the fall, particularly if deadhead
  • Reseeds semi-aggressively
  • Tap rooted, does not like to be moved
  • Cut back in fall