Giant Coneflower

Plant Information

Taxonomic Name: Rudbeckia maxima
Common Name: Giant Coneflower
Type: Herbaceous Perennial
Zone: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Bloom Time: June to July
Height: 60-84 inches
Light Requirements: Full sun
Soil Conditions: Tolerates periodic drought, Average well-drained soil
Flower Color: Yellow
Wildlife: Butterflies, Birds
Special Characteristics:
  • Easy to grow
  • Gets its name due to its height, huge bluish-green leaves and large tall brown cones
  • Sometimes called cabbage leaf coneflower
  • Use for cut flowers
  • Leave flower stalks up for the goldfinches and other small birds
  • Will naturalize by self-seeding
  • Divide plants in spring or fall
  • Deer tolerant
Potential Diseases: Powdery mildew